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What is an acrylic bathtub liner?

It is a brand new tub, custom molded from a sheet of DR/ABS co-extruded              acrylic to fit right over your existing cast iron or steel tub without tearing up          your existing plumbing or surrounding walls.

How long will an acrylic liner last?

​They have a life expectancy of 25-30 years and have been used in North                  America since the late 1970's and much longer in Europe.

What colors are available?

Tub liners and shower bases are available in solid white, almond, biscuit, gray      and sandbar.  

Walls come in solid white, almond, biscuit, gray; white and almond marble; 

     white and madiera granite; travertine, brecchia, river rock, roman stone; 

     rosa and canyon slate.

How long does it take?

We are generally in and out in just one day for a bathtub and wall liner.  Another

     great advantage is they can be used that same day.

Will it make my bathtub area smaller?

It is like stacking one paper cup inside the other.  What you lose on the bottom,      you gain on the top.

​We only need a new tub because we want to tile our walls.

We love the look of tile too, however it does require regular maintenance. Grout      can dry out over time, and if it is not attended to, water will get behind and            damage the supporting wall.  Our acrylic is non-porous and beside being          easy to clean, it requires no maintenance.  Our simulated tile patterns give        you the look of tile without additional work.

How do I clean it?

​These acrylic liners can be cleaned with a mild liquid soap, like your hand dish      washing liquid.




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